Monday, October 12, 2009

Create & Customize Images [Free]

Recently I came across this free site where you can create and customize your own pictures/images.

The full link is here.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Loving Wife & Loving Mother in Law

This was a very special day. When I drove up to the driveway I saw a huge sign saying Congrats Graduate 2009. Seeing this sign made me feel very loved all over. I just wanted to share photos of two very special women in my life. This event occurred September 18th after a very stressful day. This event was a needed one in my life as this was the first graduation party ever thrown for just me. This day was a happy one indeed.

Summer 2009 Doctoral Graduation

Recently I have graduated from the Institute of Advanced Studies at Colorado Technical University with my Doctor of Computer Science with a concentration in Enterprise Information Systems. It seems like a blur since I have been in school almost non stop. I spent my 24th birthday in the doctoral program and now I can spend this month (October) my birthday not in school. It feels good to be finally complete with only the committee approving my dissertation/4 paper option comments.

Again thanks for following my blog.