Friday, August 21, 2009

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

25 Free Digital Audio Editors You Should Know About

I have found an amazing page that lists and details twenty-five digital audio editors we should know about.

Google DC Talks: "Developing a Natl Cybersecurity Strategy"

Google talks about the national security threats we are facing today and potential threats in the future. In this they talk about the Pentagon's new establishment of a Cyber Security Command which is directly tied to President Obama's Cyber Security Act of 2009. Also note there is already a DoD 8570 Manadate for Security Professionals requiring certain certifications to be employeed on a DoD contract which impacts contractors, military, and DoD Civilians.

Google D.C. Talks: "National Security and Web 2.0"

Google has a talk with military leadership discussing the capabilities of Web 2.0 tools. The officer talks about being able to quickly conduct knowledge transfer in a war environment. The example given is one of that regarding a 2nd LT. Other examples include letting others know where IEDs are at to include other important information that could allow soldiers to be more successful in a war environment.

Video Conferencing Tools

ooVoo Web Video Chat is a free tool that gives two individuals the ability to have a video conversation. At a price additional features are allowed such as having more than three individuals talking at the same time. This particular tools saves big on travel and having to go out and purchase expensive video teleconferencing equipment. The most expensive plan is ~$40.00 per month for having the ability to have six callers talking to each other. This tool is one that many small businesses should utilize as a way to mitigate costs and improve efficiency.

Free Video Chat & Video Conferencing

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Web 2.0 Tools for Business Development

There are a number of sites that business developers, sales, and recruiting managers can use within their organization. These tools allow to have relationships with potentials customers or employees. The best thing is these sites are all free allowing only the cost per hour for an individual to utilize these particular networks. The sites are the following:

African Brain Drain [Futurist Prediction Come True]

Dr. Philip Emeagwali is an American Nigerian futurist. He was one of the pioneers of the internet and former President Bill Clinton has praised him in his achievements in computer science. In this video he talks about brain drain in the Africa community dealing with how over a million have left to America and other continents. All of which are skill workers emigrating out of Africa. He has spoken many times on concerning topics relating to Africans however this particular video clips simply talks about.

The item is years ago the prediction was that Africa would be drained of resources however many individuals stated that brain drain would be one of the major killers of this continent. Present today we can see this futurist's prediction coming to fruition.

Nigerian/African Brain Drain by Dr. Emeagwali
South African Brain Drain
African Brain Drain 101
Africa Deadly Brain Drain in Malawi

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cool Web 2.0 Tools [Office Replacements]

I found a site which details a tons of Office replacements that are specifically for the teacher and student. It has a number of amazing tools that are free of charge. Below is an exert taken directly from the web page pertaining to the tools:

  • Google Docs & Spreadsheets - One of the more developed online office tools, Google only offers a word processor and spreadsheet, though there have long been rumors of a presentation tool (and recent acquisitions by the company would suggest that they are likely true).
  • Zoho Office Suite - Zoho is one of the most complete online office suites, offering more tools than you'll even find in Microsoft Office's student and teacher version.
  • gOFFICE - No frills gOFFICE has a very familiar look and feel.
  • ThinkFree - ThinkFree can replace Word, Excel, and Powerpoint with its suite of online apps, and they offer downloadable versions of their software as well.
  • EditGrid - EditGrid only does spreadsheets, but does them very well.

Hacking for Education

A researcher takes Nintendo Wii remote and demonstrates at Ted Talks how this particular technology can be used for education. Anthony took his idea and made it come to fruition. He made an interface out of a simple IR pen and a Wiimote that is capable of turning any data projector into an interactive whiteboard irrespective of the surface that is used. Anthony strongly claims that this easy setup costs less than $100 installed tied with the free Smoothboard software has the potential to be one of the most exciting innovations for some time.

What he has done is taken ~$50 worth of hardware saving thousands to allow about 80% of the capability with less than 2% of the total cost to have a true interactive whiteboard.

Birth of the Computer

Talks George Dyson at the birth of the computer at

This discussion talks about the fundamentals of the origins of the modern computer from 17th century origins to present days notebooks. This is a truly informative discussion that displays the role of Princeton to include how original computer was utilized for bomb calculation to include showing that the first programmers were women.

So when we take a look at this particular discussion what are our thoughts pertaining to this matter as it has evolved and continuously evolving today?