Sunday, June 27, 2010

Doctoral Graduation

This video is photos from my graduation weekend during September 2009.

Doctoral Journey

In this video are photos of my 2007, 2008, and 2009 residencies at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Colorado Technical University.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Second Life Utilization

This video demonstrates the power of Second Life as it has multiple uses for training, education, and leisure.

Academic Conferences

View video on academic conferences held at Houston, TX and Nashville, TN.

CS832 Strategic Plan Sample

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Technology Transfer Project (TTP) at the Executive Leadership Forum

On June 23rd, 2010 I had the pleasure of presenting a Cyber Security presentation to the Technology Transfer Project (TTP) at the Executive Leadership Forum.  Present were Deans, Program Chairs, and many lead faculty within Computer Science, Information Systems, and other Engineering disciplines.  Presented was what the Department of Defense (DoD) is currently doing to include what are the things needed to become a NSA CAE.  This presentation was directed as the universities as they move forward to be more competitive and aid their students in obtaining employment as this field is growing rapidly.

Paper Available for the Journal of Information Systems Technology and Planning – JISTP (Volume 3, Issue 5)


Author(s): Emad Rahim and Maurice Dawson

This article examines emerging trends in the profession of IT Project Management in a global economy. Within the last decade project management theories and concept have become accepted standards in many organizational industries. The increasingly important role of information technology is undoubtedly the effect of rapid globalization that requires companies to have a larger capacity, timelier and more accurate information management within their decision making system. The IT project management "body of knowledge" has advanced greatly through the collaborative work of project management practitioners, trade associations, training institutions and universities. The expansion and innovation to this "body of knowledge" seems to be contributed by the growing practice of open sourcing by practitioners and educators alike through social network sites, blogs and other media sharing outlets. The future of IT project management may become more of an external operation with more organizations outsourcing their IT program and portfolio departments. This article should provide the framework necessary to further understand the relevance of IT Project Management in the global market and where it is headed.
Keywords: Enterprise Management, Outsource, Open-Source, IT Project Management.

Information Assurance Presentation at University of Maryland University College (UMUC)

During the month of June myself and Ian Redzic had the pleasure of representing our organization at the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) headquartered in Largo, MD.  During this presentation we talked about what our organization is looking for and sought after potential recruits.  Every semester going forward we are talking to the students to include potential on site screenings.

May 2010 Intellectbase International Consortium Academic Conference Update

During the Intellectbase International Consortium three papers were actually presented.  This conference proved to be an amazing one where Darrell Burrell and myself spoke.  The following papers below were presented.

1.      Dawson, M., Burrell, D., & Rahim, E.. (2010) “Deeper Look into Poor Alignment Between IT and Business Alignment” International Handbook of Academic Research and Teaching – IHART (Volume 11) (PEER REVIEWED)

2.      Dawson, M., Burrell, D., & Rahim, E. (2010) “Deep Dive into Understanding the Theory of Military Organization, Military Leadership, Skill Transfer, Aspects of Program Management, and Decision Support Systems” International Handbook of Academic Research and Teaching – IHART  (Volume 11) (PEER REVIEWED)

3.      Dawson, M., Burrell, D., & Rahim, E. (2010) “Framework for Effective Transitional Leadership in Defense & Aerospace” International Handbook of Academic Research and Teaching – IHART (Volume 11) (PEER REVIEWED)