Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Experiential Classroom XII

I had an opportunity to attend The Experiential Classroom XII at Oklahoma State University.  See information below taken from  I strongly suggest going as they award USABE Scholarships for ~$900.00 which covers half of the class.

Objectives of the Experiential Classroom:

  • Help those who are new to the teaching of entrepreneurship, including both faculty and practitioners, to learn best classroom practices;
  • Capture the experiences of those who came to teaching of entrepreneurship from diverse backgrounds and share lessons learned in making the transition;
  • Introduce a number of highly creative and effective experiential approaches, ranging from cases, business plans and the use of entrepreneurs in the classroom, to having students conduct entrepreneurial audits, the concept of marketing inventions and consulting engagements;
  • Apply a simple but powerful framework for organizing the content within an entrepreneurship course;
  • Demonstrate effective teaching approaches by observing master teachers;
  • Share ideas on specialty topics in entrepreneurship education, such as how to kick off a class, creative mentoring programs, what's new in entrepreneurship internships and much more;
  • Expose delegates to a rich resource base and help them join a network of faculty who share similar experiences;
  • Give delegates an opportunity to actually teach live in front of students, with helpful critiques from entrepreneurship faculty;
  • Share insights on how to build world class entrepreneurship programs;

Certificate of Completion for completing course