Monday, April 19, 2010

MBA Decision

Recently I have been pondering about a Master of Business Administration (MBA).   I have decided to transfer what hours I can and complete a MBA with Colorado Technical University.  I have only five classes to complete the MBA degree by December 2010.

My goal has always been to be a Chief Information Officer (CIO) at an organization.  Having a terminal degree in Computer Science-Enterprise Information Systems does not show that I have the broad skillset for managing an organization.  Thus I am completing this degree while I am young (27 yrs old) and have the time available.  This quote below was taken from the Manhattan Review:

"Today most business people in management positions have MBAs. While it is possible to achieve success in the business world without an MBA, not having a degree from a top business school can be a severe handicap because so many people continue their education and training. Both the quantitative and qualitative skills taught in MBA programs are qualities that are in high demand in the real business world. If you decide not to pursue an MBA, it is possible that you are making a decision that will hinder your future success in the corporate world."
However in today's market a MBA is not worth what it was in areas such as Wall Street before the economic crash.  But in Defense & Aerospace it will strengthen my background and prep me for my next steps.

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