Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paper Available for the Journal of Information Systems Technology and Planning – JISTP (Volume 3, Issue 5)


Author(s): Emad Rahim and Maurice Dawson

This article examines emerging trends in the profession of IT Project Management in a global economy. Within the last decade project management theories and concept have become accepted standards in many organizational industries. The increasingly important role of information technology is undoubtedly the effect of rapid globalization that requires companies to have a larger capacity, timelier and more accurate information management within their decision making system. The IT project management "body of knowledge" has advanced greatly through the collaborative work of project management practitioners, trade associations, training institutions and universities. The expansion and innovation to this "body of knowledge" seems to be contributed by the growing practice of open sourcing by practitioners and educators alike through social network sites, blogs and other media sharing outlets. The future of IT project management may become more of an external operation with more organizations outsourcing their IT program and portfolio departments. This article should provide the framework necessary to further understand the relevance of IT Project Management in the global market and where it is headed.
Keywords: Enterprise Management, Outsource, Open-Source, IT Project Management.

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