Sunday, October 3, 2010

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Progress

This has been a very rough year.  I honestly do not think I have pushed myself more in my life than this year.  This year I have received multiple peer reviewed publications, peer reviewed proceedings, presentations, and etc.  This year I relocated from Huntsville, AL to Baltimore, MD which has been a major complication in itself as now I must manage two properties.

As far as my MBA studies I currently have a 3.93 Grade Point Average (GPA).  I am currently taking Applied Managerial Economics with Strategic Management in Dynamic Environments left.  The program has taught me a lot and has been very stressful as there are approximately nine assignments for a course which is only 5 1/2 weeks long.  I believe this MBA shall be essential in my future endeavors if they are to remain in industry or go toward academia.  The MBA will allow me to seek other positions of higher levels of management or even leap into other positions far from the engineering tasks I am currently performing.  In academia this would help solidify a position in a School of Business (SOB) or assist in becoming a Program Chair or Dean.

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