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List Of Open-source Programs (LOOP) for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
What is the LOOP list?
  • This is a list of the best open-source applications that run on Windows. Feel free to edit this list and add any programs that meet the criteria below. The purpose of this list is to demonstrate the quality of open-source applications and advocate the open source software development model. To learn more, read the FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Tell all your non-Linux friends and family about the LOOP list. On this list they will find free, high-quality replacements for the software that they have purchased/pirated. Once they become familiar with these new applications, introduce them to your favorite Linux distribution, such as Ubuntu. Then help them convert to Linux, using the same applications that they became familiar with on Windows.
Rules for adding programs to the LOOP list:
  1. Must be open-source.
  2. Must run natively on Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  3. Only include the best application for each specific purpose. In rare cases, up to three applications may be listed.
  4. Include the names of the top three proprietary applications that provide similar functionality, if known.

Desktop Applications








  • Gantt chart = GanttProject
    • Compare to: Microsoft Project
    Project management = PlannerOpenWorkbench
    • Compare to: Microsoft Project
    Report Creator = JasperReports
    • Compare to: Crystal Reports
    Analisi dei processi = APbyAS
    • Compare to Unknown
    Gestione Attivit√† = PMbyAS
    • Compare to Microsoft Project
    Team Collaboration = Mindquarry
    • Compare to Microsoft Sharepoint
    Human Resource Management = OrangeHRM
    • Compare to PeopleSoft HCM


  • Animal Shelter Manager = Animal Shelter Manager
    • Compare to: Unknown
    Virtual PC emulator = VirtualBoxBochsQemu
    • Compare to: VMware, Microsoft Virtual PC
    Linux environment = Cygwin
    • Compare to: Microsoft Services For Unix (SFU) (formerly Interix, formerly OpenNT)
    Recipe Manager = Gourmet Recipe Manager
    • Compare to: Unknown
    Screen Saver = Really Slick Screensavers
    • Compare to: Unknown
    Language Translation tool = OmegaT
    • Compare to: Unknown
    Countdown Timer = CookTimer
    • Compare to: Unknown
    Application Launcher = Launchy
    • Compare to: Unknown
    Worship presentation = OpenLP
    • Compare to: MediaShout, SongPro




  • Audio Composition = OpenSebJ
    • Compare to: Ableton Live
    Audio Editing = Audacity
    • Compare to: Adobe Audition
    Audio Player = CoolplayerZinfSongbird
    • Compare to: WinAMP, Windows Media Player, iTunes
    Drum Machine = Hydrogen
    • Compare to: Unknown
    MP3 Ripper = CDex
    • Compare to: Exact Audio Copy
    Piano Sampled Virtual Instrument = vScaleNotes
    • Compare to: Ivory - Grand Pianos
    Volume normalizer = MP3Gain
    • Compare to: Unknown


  • Diagram Editor = Dia
    • Compare to: Microsoft Visio
    Image Editing = Gimp
    • Compare to: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop, Paint.NET
    Vector Drawing = Inkscape
    • Compare to: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW




Software Development

gambas A visual development environment using a programming language similar to Visual Basic
  • Compare to: Microsoft Visual Basic


Server Applications

Content Management

  • Enterprise Content Management = Alfresco
    • Compare to: Sharepoint, Documentum,Filenet, OpenText, Vignette, Interwoven


File Server



  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) = Snort
    • Compare to: Unknown
    VPN server = OpenVPN
    • Compare to: Cisco VPN


  • Application server = JBoss
    • Compare to: BEA Weblogic, IBM Websphere
    Rich Internet Application Server = OpenLaszlo
    • Compare to: Macromedia Flex
    Statistics Generator = AWStats
    • Compare to: Unknown
    Web server = Apache
    • Compare to: Microsoft Internet Information Services (ISS)

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