Wednesday, August 19, 2009

African Brain Drain [Futurist Prediction Come True]

Dr. Philip Emeagwali is an American Nigerian futurist. He was one of the pioneers of the internet and former President Bill Clinton has praised him in his achievements in computer science. In this video he talks about brain drain in the Africa community dealing with how over a million have left to America and other continents. All of which are skill workers emigrating out of Africa. He has spoken many times on concerning topics relating to Africans however this particular video clips simply talks about.

The item is years ago the prediction was that Africa would be drained of resources however many individuals stated that brain drain would be one of the major killers of this continent. Present today we can see this futurist's prediction coming to fruition.

Nigerian/African Brain Drain by Dr. Emeagwali
South African Brain Drain
African Brain Drain 101
Africa Deadly Brain Drain in Malawi

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