Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hacking for Education

A researcher takes Nintendo Wii remote and demonstrates at Ted Talks how this particular technology can be used for education. Anthony took his idea and made it come to fruition. He made an interface out of a simple IR pen and a Wiimote that is capable of turning any data projector into an interactive whiteboard irrespective of the surface that is used. Anthony strongly claims that this easy setup costs less than $100 installed tied with the free Smoothboard software has the potential to be one of the most exciting innovations for some time.

What he has done is taken ~$50 worth of hardware saving thousands to allow about 80% of the capability with less than 2% of the total cost to have a true interactive whiteboard.


  1. This may be a post about hacking however I feel that the finding of this researcher is great as it improves the tools available to the educator and student especially in today's economy.

  2. Hacking For Education

    The article and video was about how a researcher,Anthony, managed to take less expensive materials and make them out of thousand dollar materials to expand today's educational technology. I was very amazed while witnessing how Anthony used a Nintendo Wii remote (Wiimote) and an infrared pen a made it's components capable to reflect interactive and projected data. I can see how that could serve as thousand dollar material in which his innovative ideas has provided a way for less fortunate educational programs to gain exposure to these materials. I am inspired by the main goal behind his idea which I believe is to help less fortunate schools with becoming more familiar with today's technology.

    As time proceeds, the world is becoming more and more technical and technological and I am focused on how students are being exposed to new and innovative ways of learning; however, I did grow up in what would considered a " less-fortunate neighborhood" and I and relate to students who are unfamiliar with some teaching methods and classroom setups. I feel that Anthony's idea can be and will be used in a positive way in the area of education and entertainment. I feel that by using the Wii remote was a good way for the user to be more actively involve with the material and that might have a positive affect psychologically on the user. I would like to experiment and see what I can come up with...or let's not and say we did.

    Kudos to Anthony! Great Job.

    comment by Victor C.
    CIS 105 at Strayer University

  3. There are two kinds of people in this information age, those who use this “power”, and those who abuse it. International terrorism can be strategically performed through the world wide web, attacking the countries vital information systems from a totally remote area on the other side of the planet. To the detriment of a country or organization, skilled hackers can intrude and attack a system from just about any corner of the earth, sometimes without being detected. Unfortunately, their chances of being arrested and convicted are extremely slim. Hackers see the digital world without the assumptions others place on it. They are very aware that code determines which rules are applied in the digital world, and to what extent. Changing code changes rules.